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Our mission at West Coast Detail Supply is to provide the absolute highest quality detailing products to make sure you get the absolute best results when detailing. Great products mean great results.

Our co-founder, Johnny, spent the last decade of his life owning and operating his own detailing business. He has used and tested just about any products you can think of. So you could say he has seen a thing or two in the detailing world.

Johnny's detailing business wasn't always sunshine and rainbows…

Because of poor, inefficient products, his business struggled to grow into a leader in the realm of detailing.

“It was just miserable. The only products on the market made detailing time consuming, and produced poor results."

That’s when Johnny started studying and creating his own techniques and products Not because he wanted to become a detail supply titan - simply because he needed a solution to the terrible products that were available.

Johnny’s mission to make a more efficient, better resulting detailing grew to help thousands of detailers around the world achieve their goals. Today, his detailing business is booming - thanks to the durable and effective products he created.

In 10+ years of, diligent experimentation, you better believe he’s learned a thing or two about different kinds of detail products and chemicals.

Those years of testing are what make West Coast Detail Supply such a great company. We truly believe it’s vastly superior to anything else currently on the market to detail any vehicle with.

Johnny spent years testing each product before bringing them to market. The products underwent countless tests on his personal cars, family members', friends and a small group of his loyal customers.

Thanks to all this research and testing, we can say with 100% certainty that West Coast Detail Supply provide the best products you can find.

Let’s face it: You will be wasting your time and money buying cheap amazon products. Do they get the job done? Sorta. Do they result in a great detail? Heck No!

But long-term durability in detailing products? Those are harder to come by.

Long-term improvements in your vehicle or detailing business are vital to ensure the value of you, and your vehicle

We know it’s hard to believe. (Frankly, we don’t expect you to believe any of our claims until you try West Coast Detail Supply products and see the results for yourself.)

We know you get bombarded by “too good to be true” marketing messages all the time.

That’s why we’re in no rush to persuade you.

All we ask is that you keep an open mind to using the best products on the market when you detail any vehicle.

100% Money Back Granteee

Use it as many times as you want, as long as you want and if one day you decide you don’t like it, email us and we’ll Refund you within 24 hours.

Free Gifts With Every Order :)

At West Coast, we believe in providing the most value-packed orders out of any online retailer. Plus who doesn't love Free stuff??